lights, illuminations.
2nd person singular (tú/usted) present indicative of spanish verb: lucir.
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nombre femenino plural
1 familiar intelligence sing
es un hombre de pocas luces he's not very bright
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femenino plural luz
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femenino plural luz
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Del verbo lucir: (conjugate lucir)

luces es:

2ª persona singular (tú) presente indicativo

Multiple Entries:
luces sustantivo femenino plural See Also

lucir (conjugate lucir) verbo intransitivo (aparentar) to look good, look special;
gasta mucho en ropa pero no le luce she spends a fortune on clothes but it doesn't do much for her
verbo transitivo
a) (period) ‹vestido/modeloto wear, sport (journ);

peinado/collarto sport (journ)
b)figura/piernasto show off, flaunt

lucirse verbo pronominal
a) (destacarse) to excel oneself

b) (presumir) to show off

I verbo intransitivo
1 (una estrella, bombilla) to shine
2 fam (un esfuerzo) trabaja bastante, pero no le luce, he works quite a lot, but it doesn't show
II verbo transitivo
1 (ropa, joyas, peinado) to wear
2 (cualidades) to display
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luces npl intelligence
es un chico con pocas luces he's not a very bright boy

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